About Us

Kolid Foods

Kolid Foods is a leading distributive company for consumer goods in Macedonia.

Kolid Foods is founded in 1991 as a small private company. In 1994, Kolid Foods began intensively building its distribution network, which now boasts the largest fleet in the country.

Who are we?

- Today, we approach our customers frankly and responsibly, striving diligently to meet all their requirements.
- Our relations, both internal and external are founded on basic moral values and friendship.
- We are fast, movable and flexible.
- We act with great care, dedication and competence.
- We invest and dedicate ourselves to each and every brand we distribute.
- The way we act implies rapid response to any changes on the market.
- We work as a team and we respect the effort of each individual.
- We take risks and we are striving towards continuous progress.
- The new requirements on the market are quite a challenge for us.
- In order to sustain the leading position on the market we constantly invest in new products and ideas.

Today, we are proud to say that Kolid Foods is one of the fastest growing companies, with the widest network in the country. With our previous development, we continue to build high-quality operating system that continuously enhances the pace with market demand through the following sectors.


- Import-Export;
- Production;
- Sales and distribution;
- Finance and accounting;
- Marketing;
- IT;
- Storage;
- Transport and logistics;

Logistic centres:

Kolid Foods has four large distribution and warehouse centres in Skopje, Strumica and Bitola. The company has a total warehouse and office space of 6200 m2.

Main storage Skopje:
- 10000м2 storage;

Storage Bitola:
- 1000м2 storage;

Storage Strumica:
- 700м2 storage;

Our vehicles:

Kolid Foods has a wide fleet with new, modern and technically equipped vehicles:

- 111 Cars
- 65 Vans
- 60 Vans with cooling chambers
- 32 Ice cream trucks
- 4 Lorries

With more than 269 vehicles, 300 employes, our sales force directly attends more than 5500 customers.

Our vision

To be the largest, the most successful and the most admirable distributive company in Macedonia, adjusted to meet Your needs.

Our mission

To fulfil Your wishes and needs to the highest level. Through our professional service and care we want to deliver to You the maximal values in a way that will make Your life better and easier. Our mission is accomplished when You are completely satisfied.